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Rarely do you achieve as much in one session!

- Adam, Director, Melbourne

Very rarely is there ever just one answer to success but if you have been searching for a while then Elle may just be it!

- Josh, Head Trainer

I've got more out of working with Elle in 1 month then I have in 5 years of therapy!


- Ty, Director


Skeptical is probably an understatement. Well....that was until my session with Elle. I was undoubtedly driven by ongoing issues with letting go, letting go of the past, of relationships and of people, who it turned out I was still bound by.Cutting through the entanglement of the human spirit she quickly, yet lovingly began to identify and release years of weight that was unknowingly restraining my heart and soul. Coming from a skeptical position has given the entire experience a lot more credence from my position and I would recommend the process to anyone irrespective of their current life position. The entire process gives voice to the spirit and in a busy world we often forget our spirit has a voice and deserves to be heard.


- Jon, Project Manager & Entrepreneur Dubai

I have used Elle services to achieve amazing results as well as a much deeper understanding on the energy spectrum. I have also got Elle working with a staff member to achieve amazing results, from a weak state, she is becoming stronger and stronger. Thank you Elle.

- Janek, CEO 

My skepticism was blown away by how genuine and perceptive Elle is. She has assisted me in shifting negative belief systems of guilt, low self esteem, low value and closed to love, and has helped me to instead focus on and project abundance, happiness, love and success."

- Pippa, Manager

Elle is like a master mechanic, computer programmer, and oracle for the body & soul. She is powerful, sensitive, and works with me to reach depths of greatness I knew were there, but couldn't always reach. Everyone has an image of their 'higher' self, but sometimes blockages can get in the way of fulfilling that purpose. Elle is very special and has helped me and many friends and family to fulfill our dreams and in almost 20 years in this amazing journey, I've never met anyone that can really do what she does. I really don't think there are many so called 'healers' that could ever compare. Still her love and humility is astounding, and her after care is the cherry on top. If you are serious about personal growth, in ANY area of your life do yourself a favor and speak to Elle immediately. 5 stars is not enough!

 - Pan, Counselor

After starting with my personal and professional life has improved incredibly. Along with Elle providing One on One sessions, I also enjoy her private group - even though its via a group, it still feels like a great connection, focussed & personable.


Without Elle and her teachings and healings for my inner self, I would not be the successful business owner or confident person I am today!

- Amanda, Director

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