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​  My Promise To You...

  • To create efficient results; no matter what stage of life or career you find yourself

  • A decade of experience and proven track record to cultivate greater resilience & performance in both individuals & groups

  • A unique ability to surrogate energy & navigate the blind spots of unprocessed patterns, programs, triggers & traumas, allowing for a completely unique &  authentic guided transformation experience (without the need to relive the past).

  • I will meet you with non-judgement, compassion, love & absolute confidentiality

  • I will gain & hold your trust quickly & easily to allow for a rapid transformation process

  • I will identify your hidden blind-spots holding you back from your true potential to have  all that you desire

  • I will work with you to transform decades worth of pain into incredible purpose

  • I will clear ancestral programs & patterns passed down to you from your parents & prevent you from passing them onto your children

  • I will give you access to unlimited support to assist your through the integration process

  • I will be 100% honest with you about what is in your best interest, (even if it means calling you   on your BS - with the utmost love)

"To empower entrepreneurs that seek to make an impact on humanity by unlocking their superconscious power & potential."


Elle's mission

Her Story

Elle's unique ability to act as a trusted tour guide of the hidden mind & energy field to create deep transformation, was born through an innate ability to embody and feel intuitively. However, it was her own transformation following a car accident & healing from 'survival mode' that provided the catalyst to pivot pain into power.

Her personal & professional journey taught her the power of harnessing inner-resilience, regulating the overwhelm of emotions, mental stress and reprograming limiting beliefs to grow and evolve the limitless self  into your powerful asset of an empowered entrepreneur. 

With a decade of professional experience, mastery of hypnotherapy, theta healing & wellness coaching, she has developed a unique & profoundly powerful set of tools to seamlessly, quickly and efficiently allow you to tap into your limitless self. 

Are you ready to unblock your past & unlock the future by embodying your limitless self? Jump on a free discovery session today.

"Elle was able to help me reclaim my power and confidence by unloading and shifting my past with me, to make way for the success I knew I always was! Five stars isn't enough!"

- Jo Director

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