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What Elle's Clients Are Saying...

"Where to begin, skeptical is probably and understatement. Well....that was until my session with Elle. I indulged a curious itch I had been wanting to scratch for some time and Elle presented the opportunity. It was undoubtedly driven by ongoing issues with letting go, letting go of the past, of relationships and of people, who it turned out I was still bound by. Like any good adventure tour guide, Elle demonstrated in what was a seemingly short time, an insight and clarity that a longing spirit had been yearning to decipher.

Cutting through the entanglement of the human spirit she quickly, yet lovingly began to identify and release years of weight that was unknowingly restraining my heart and soul. Coming from a sceptical position has given the entire experience a lot more credence from my position and I would recommend the process to anyone irrespective of their current life position. The entire process gives voice to the spirit and in a busy world we often forget our spirit has a voice and deserves to be heard."


- Jon, Project Manager, Dubai

After starting with Elle over 3 years ago, my personal and professional life has improved incredibly. Along with Elle providing One on One sessions, I also enjoy her private group within Resilience Gym - even though its via a group, it still feels like a great connection, focussed & personable.


Without Elle and her teachings and healings for my inner self, I would not be the successful business owner or confident person I am today!

- Amanda, Director Opulence Property, Queensland

A big thank you to this beautiful woman who has helped me to transform a relatively tough stage of my life into something more joyful. She was able to help me see through and transform my past trauma into something that I was able to look at, accept, and heal. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to heal past wounds or looking for internal expansion and growth. She has a beautiful soul and is an absolute delight to work with! 10/10...Thank you Elle."

- Aimee, Director Jay Studios, Brisbane

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