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Empowering entrepreneurs to unlock their next level of success, personally & professionally.

"Very rarely is there just one answer to success but if you have

been looking for a while then Elle may just be it!"

- Josh, Director

Private Mentoring 

6 wk Freedom For Founders Program

Corporate Resilience Workshops

Member Portal 'The Empowerment Gym' Tailored, Efficient Transformation



Not your average coach.

Gifted with a hyper-intuitive approach & fine tuned over a decade of professional coaching, Elle has combined the best of superconscious hypnotherapy, psychology, NLP and wellness coaching. She identifies stresses, limitations, unprocessed pain & mindset barriers that keep you from your true potential. Empowering you to bridge the gap between the pursuit of freedom & the actual experience of it. 

Elle maintains a primary focus on education to self-regulate & empower, by using the limitless aspect of self. Allowing her clients to develop a resilience mind & skill set to master life, personally & professionally. 

Unblocking your past & unlocking your true potential has never been easier!

It Starts With You...

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What Elle's Clients Are Saying:

The best investment I have ever made!

- Jim

My skepticism was blown away by how genuine and perceptive Elle is. She has assisted me in shifting negative belief systems of guilt, low self esteem, low value and closed to love, and has helped me to instead focus on and project abundance, happiness, love and success."

- Pippa 

I have had so much fun over the past 30 days learning about myself & how others tick. Elle has helped me understand a lot about myself and my limitations. I now have some powerful tools moving forward to continue my progress.

- Lauren

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